REX-FORM-ITSMACBT-O-PA Rexpondo ITSM Administrator & Change Builder Training - Online

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    Learn how to use Rexpondo for ITSM.
    Training course for ITSM management.


    Course details

    Location and modality



    12 hours.

    Material required

    Each participant must have his or her own laptop with a web browser installed (preferably Google Chrome) and Rexpondo.


    Web architecture

    Good knowledge of the use of a web browser. 

    Unix Systems

    Competence in Unix / Linux (z.B. LPIC1).

    Internet Protocols

    Practical knowledge of protocols, e.g. SMTP, POP3, HTTP, FTP.


    Basic knowledge of SQL.

    Text editor with Unix interface

    Experience in the use of editor (e.g. UltraEdit, VI, VIM).

    Web server and email server configuration

    Ability to configure a web (Apache2) and email server.